4 Benefits you can get from reusable bags in 2018

The so-called reusable bags, generally refers to they can be used repeatedly in multiple ways. People also call them Environmental protection bags or eco-friendly bags, they have another fantastic feature is that their materials can be naturally degraded. 

According to this concept, and based on their materials, they can be divided into the following categories: 

1, non-woven bags, made of polypropylene or Polyethene. 

2, Canvas bags, made of natural material, like cotton, Jute. 

3, Paper bags, which raw materials are bamboo or wood. 

4, General cloth bags, made of polyester or Nylon.

Benefits of reusable bags:

1. They can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, most of them are made of polyethylene, which will take centuries to decompose.

2. Their Service life is much longer than the paper bag.

3.They are highly reusable and can be recycled.

4.Their prices are cheap and could be customized with your exciting ideas.

Plastic bag Pollutions

Plastic bag pollutions in coast area.

The following could also be achieved when using eco bags:

•    Green to environment: When change to use green bags, it can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, drastically reduce the proliferation of white pollution;

•    Excellent performance: The reusable bags are made under environmental standards in compliance with various strict policies, they are made of environmentally friendly materials, which could degrade in months. And the strength of eco-bag is much stronger than paper bag;

•    Recyclable: The Reusable bag has the characteristics of soft, wear-resistant, they can be folded into a variety of forms. They can be repeatedly used more than 10,000 times;

•    Fancy and multi-functional: The eco-friendly bags are beautifully printed, with medium size and versatile. The reusable bags can be used to carry many things, like fresh food, groceries, clothing, toys, documents, etc.

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