Fabric Test Report By ITTC IKEA

Supplier No. : S1428

Client Company Name : Chongqing Best Nonwoven Co., Ltd.
Contact Address : 31#, Zone A, Qijiang industrial zone, Chongqing, China.

Material Producer : Chongqing Best Nonwoven Co.,Ltd
Material Description : nonwoven fabric

Test type : Verifying Test
Identification Code : 35gsm-220cm,white
Fibre Content : 100%plypropylene
Construction : /
Treatment : non-FR Treated
Sample Description : Pure White

ITTC Test Reports.png

Reusable Bag Manufacturer26836714-35gsm-220cm white.pdf

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Contact Info

31# Qiaohe Industrial Park, Qijiang District
Chongqing, Mainland China.
ZIP: 401420
Phone : (+0086) 23-4864 1100
E-mail: info@cqnonwoven.com

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